Hoping for a win but not encouraged by our performance against the Hornets. Was painful to watch.

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This was not an enjoyable game to watch, and a "bad" win (counts as a win. Horrible basketball all the way through.) Billy gave up coaching in the 4th quarter, which is okay because his team stopped playing team ball, so he might as well. Vucevic doing 1-on-1 shit against Sengun was both irritating and hilarious, because he got the worst of it every time, the whole thing happened during a stretch when the Bulls didn't score for 5 minutes+.

Per yfBB's post yesterday, if you wanted to increase Zach's trade value you would want to pull a fire alarm or something to get them out of the building when this was going on. The Bulls let him "facilitate" in the 4th and surprise, surprise, he nearly decapitated a few fans with his passing. Thankfully people who do this for a living are probably not unclear of who and what Zach LaVine is. His worst play is built into the (apparently awful) asking price. His best play is not going to fool anyone.

The Bulls' closing line-up was terrible against the Hornets, it was terrible against the Rockets and apparently it's our starting lineup again and it is just as bad as we remember.

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Why didn't Jevon Carter play? DNP-stinks?

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