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Thoughts on the Utah game:

1. When is the league going to fine Utah? I mean, they weren't even pretending to tank. They were basically bringing the ball up the floor and then handing it to the Bulls. I've never seen such carelessness with a basketball in my entire life.

2. Seeing Lauri be good (even if it's on a losing team) still hurts my soul. Unlike Pat, he at least showed some promise as a Bull but was sorely misused. With that being said, I'm not sure this version of Lauri would have ever happened in Chicago, but that's more an indictment of this organization than it is of him.

3. Walker Kessler is quite literally the perfect center for this team. He fills all the holes this team's front court has and AKME could have drafted him!! Too bad he's the definition of a center and AKME are all about positionless basketball. At least Dalen Terry does dumb dances on the sideline...

4. Okay, I do have a positive. No, it's not the shooting. That game was as much of a fluke as the first couple games were. The Bulls were supposed to beat Utah and they did. That's something they struggled with last year, so it was nice to see them come out against a "worse" opponent and not assume they were going to walk all over them. With that being said, I'm rooting for this team to crumble so I still didn't want them to win...

Phoenix predictions

1. Zach scores at least 40 to prove he's better than Booker who isn't even playing. Finishes with at least a -15 +/-.

2. Caruso takes a KD elbow to the face in the first half. Returns in the second half with one of those creepy masks that clearly wasn't molded to his face (although he should definitely have one of those on standby with how he plays). He drains three 3s in the second half, but then dives into the crowd to save a loose ball that was off of Phoenix anyway and ends up fracturing his hip.

3. Vooch gets outplayed by Nurkic and we see his second feud of the season with Billy.

4. DeMar asks KD put in a good word with Phoenix's FO in case the Beal thing doesn't work out.

5. Andre Drummond punches Grayson Allen in the face and a statue of the incident is erected outside of the UC by tomorrow morning.

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LaVine isn't better than Beal (at least when Brad is healthy). Circumstances play a huge part in how players develop and perform. The Wizards were the only team run worse than the Bulls during Beal's time in Washington. Beal will be just fine in Phoenix if he's healthy.

Lauri performed great against the Bulls despite having his guards turn the ball over 15 times. Even without competent guard play, he kept his team kinda in the game for a while. That's the sign of a good big.

Lauri's worst season is better than Pat's best season. You're right in saying there's no comparison between the two. Kevin Durant couldn't carry that current Utah team anywhere. Lauri looks like the real deal. Shame the Bulls can't develop talent.

I don't know if Pat will develop into anything, none of us know. I do know he's on one of the worst teams to find out if he has any NBA talent.

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My regret with Lauri isn't in letting him go, but in bringing him into a team that had no direction in terms of rebuilding, roster construction, coaching, and player development. Paxson, for a guy who's so reluctant to make moves because he wants to see what he has, seems to always make circumstances difficult to make meaningful evaluations.

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I wonder if Lauri could be had. Jazz need to tank, he'd actually fit well with this Bulls team and his contract is less than $20million per year. Pat plus salary filler plus a pick might actually work. Don't know if Lauri is worth more than that (probably is, and if the Bulls were to throw in more picks they are just boning their future even more). Agree +Kessler - Vuc would be a huge upgrade.

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Watching those clips shows Pat isn't in-game athletic. Sure he can jump high if the lane is totally clear but....

he has no body control, his touch on layups suck. And when he should just go up strong, he does these little weird sub-Siakam spin moves that take him further away from the basket.

He has an oak-solid frame, i've seen dudes bounce off him but he always goes up super hesitant and that lets shot blockers get the extra second to get ready for his attempt.

Nothing he does is instinctual....i can see him processing every single second and that hesistation makes it easy for the defender to get ready for whatever the fuck he is about to throw up

And his handles haven't improved at all....i can tell that he studied under DeMar but his shit is just so robotic and non-intuitive. He has no clue how to think on the fly if he gets cut off. Even the plays that he has scored on this year....you can see the gears turning and if the defender cuts him off, it's a wrap

He can still be a decent 3 and D rotational player somewhere(I could see OKC going for him) but any chance of him being more than the 10/5 guy that he has been aint gonna happen. Even the most inconsistent prospect will have those random 25-30 point games....and i think Pat has had maybe 2 in 3 years and those were at the end of the year when the other team is playing 3rd stringers

He is Marvin Williams Jr and that can be an useful player in the league but he needs to be that somewhere else. I hope they don't double down by offering him anything more than 3/45

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I’m arriving at the conclusion that the #1 goal of Reinsdorf employees is to just convince the Reinsdorf family that things are going fine.

That has to be why this core is still together, right? Because AK just wants Michael to think that no mistakes have been made?

I know AK is bad at his job, but he has eyes and a brain that should at least be capable of grasping the concept that losing more games than you win is not good. He can’t honestly deep down in his soul think this team is capable of making a sizable improvement, right?

I think we might be witnessing a man who just wants to keep his job and knows that the only requirement for keeping that job is never admitting he’s doing a bad job.

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>Utah has the 2nd-worst TOV% in the NBA. Bulls took full advantage with a 30-1 victory in points off TOVs. Suns have the 3rd-worst TOV% heading into tonight.

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I added this comment near the end of yesterday's thread, but in terms of Pat vs. Lauri it's probably more relevant to this post:

"The big difference psychologically with Lauri's career arc vs. Pat's is that Lauri made a big, record-setting splash as a rookie, then seemed to regress (well, DID regress in some areas, but also was miscast in various roles). So with Lauri, fans and management ultimately lost patience with his shortcomings after being "teased," so to speak.

Pat, on the other hand, feels like being dealt a Texas hold 'em hand of Ace-King suited (coincidentally the 4th best opening hand...) and everyone keeps raising while we're still waiting for the flop. We know what he's capable of but don't have enough evidence to decide whether to call, raise, or fold. We'd prefer to "check" but our hand is now forced...and meanwhile all of the other players see the sweat on our brow..."

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Ricky O'Donnell


>I desperately need Vuc to have one of his four good shooting nights per year against the Suns today, Mat Ishbia you are our only hope to take that albatross of a contract. Instant upgrade on Nurkic here for the taking.

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Pat Williams is ass. Him and Lauri situation was completely different.

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Looks like Jordan still lives rent free in the Jazz' heads. I find it hilarious that city defines itself in a victimized matter based on that play, how pathetic

1) this was game 6. It's not like if Jordan misses the shot, the Jazz win the series

2) Jordan strategically starts the shot sequence with 7 seconds left on the clock. The end of the game play had been rehearsed tons of times before, it was no improv. This was so if the shot misses, there's still time to rebound and shoot again or foul. If Jordan misses, the Bulls still could have won

3) that is a "push off" by the absolute weakest possible definitions of push off. Maybe in highschool basketball that's a push off, but in the NBA that's very mild, especially for an end of the game play, especially in the finals, especially by a star player

4) Byron Scott then slips so he can't recover. That's not Jordans fault

5) Jordan still had to make the shot, which he does. One of the most iconic shots in sports history. Just be happy you were in the poster Jazz!

6) the Jazz still went on to be losers afterwards. Malone and Stockton never won anything. That's why they all sit around and cry about this, to this day. Complete loser mentality, blaming the refs


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Gotta go. Bears pre-game show is starting . . .

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