YFBB, I had a thought the other day. Since you aren't doing separate post game posts most of the time and you are already making these posts, how about including something to suggest these posts be used as a post game thread?

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Gordon Hayward, Terry Rozier, Ish Smith, Frank Ntilikina...man, this roster is full of guys I hadn't thought about in years

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I honestly wouldn't want any of the Hornets players that would be available. Rozier is a solid player but he just replicates Coby does. Hayward is too broke down at this point. Mark Williams would be the only one and I don't think Charlotte would include him in the deal. If they would offer a FRP and some expiring junk, sure

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How do we get LaMelo to go all Zac and demand a trade for his brother? Rozier for Lonzo+Carter saves the Dorfs 3M and shaves a year of Rozier's salary off of CHA's books.

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Yeah, this is the one place I looked that I could actually see trading for LaVine. I just think there are too many teams with good analytics to really go after him. Maybe the Lakers, because he's certainly better than Cam Reddish, but there young guys are Reddish, Hood-Schifino, and Christie, none of whom are good. I can't envision them giving up Reeves or Vanderbilt. Sixers are another. At his best, he's probably better than Batum, but as a fit in a backcourt of Maxey and Melton (he's not better than either imo), along with Harris and Embiid, I just can't see the justification to add him to that group. A mediocre "grinder" vet like Batum is now is probably a better fit.

So Charlotte. Starts with Heyward. Probably add in a Nick Richards who's 26 with 3 years left when Williams is clearly a very good long-term investment for the team. Then maybe you can get a pick from '26 or something.

I know that not a single person would find that an attractive trade situation, but I do think it keeps them "competitive" this year while allowing them to get out of the contract and still getting something for it.

White - Dosunmu

Caruso - Carter

DeRozan - Heyward

Williams - Heyward - Craig

Vucevic - Drummond - Richards

If they wanted to do the dumb thing they do, they could run this team out and just fight for that last spot. It's absolutely no worse than what they have now. But they'd be able to compete and then "reset" if they wanted, with only Vuc's contract being the bad one.

But they could also continue to be bad and could actually start a rebuild. Caruso, DeRozan, and Hayward all have some sort of value, decreasing in that order. Hell, even Williams could get you something, but I'd probably keep him around just to see if you could get him on a cheap-ish, short contract. Trade Vuc away for whatever. Hell, maybe let him play out the season without Caruso, DeRozan, and Hayward, and maybe he gets big enough numbers to trade during the draft to get a 2nd rounder or something.

As far as Charlotte. Dunno.






is about the most headcase-y of lineups and the ultimate flashy but not that great of a team, but hell, it might just be fun for the team to play. That's something.

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Donovan should give the bench more minutes. You shouldn't wear out your starters until they get injured. He has some good young talent but there is more to developing a player than sending them to the G league. Maxey from the Sixers did not get that good playing 1 to 3 minutes a game.

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As mismatched as Chicago's roster is, it's hard to believe someone was pursuing a rational plan when putting together the Charlotte Hornets. I'm aware they're missing Ball but Gordon Hayward is 33 years old. They've had him for four seasons now. I figured at some point they would include him in a 3 team megadeal and maybe they tried but he's now on the verge of quietly expiring and I don't understand what he's still doing there. Had a great game today, probably plays too many minutes (again, why do that?)

Washington and Rozier were 2-18 from 3, to be fair Caruso was fucking insane on defense tonight. I don't know if Coby made a single shot at the rim, but took a few charges and told reporters his goal was to have more than Alex Caruso this season. Pat Williams with a pretty crazily effective 8 point game too. He's getting his hands on the basketball more than I can ever remember, whether it's help defense or in the paint or in the lane. DeMar's midrange game numbers are slowly climbing back up. Crazy that after this series of games he's now shooting 37% from 3.

Was argued at one point that Billy Donovan lost the team but has Steve Clifford ever really had a team's support? I'm not really getting why they hired him back or why he's been employed almost continually at one of the most rare jobs in the world for the last decade. He just seems to be yelling most of the time.

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Bulls announced Zach is out another 3-4 weeks

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On January 15

Zach, Vuc, Craig, Terry Tailor


DLo, Rui, Reaves, Vincent, Prince, Hood-Schifino, Hayes

will be possible.

That'd be my hope. Get back Reaves and Rui (who are probably worth moderate FRPs) and unload Vuc (3 years) for DLo (expiring).

It very well might be that the Lakers won't take Vuc back, but I'd push hard on that. If they won't, a deal could be

Zach, Craig, Taylor


Rui, Reaves, DLo, JHS


If we're getting back DLo or Vincent, I'd try to immediately send them to a third team. I'd be willing to ship Reaves out if we can get a quality first for him.

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So do we genuinely believe the Bulls choosing to sit Zach for the next month is in fact because a trade has already been agreed upon (most likely with the Lakers) and that team is asking Zach not to be played until the trade can be executed?

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"It's funny to me to see all the narratives that people run with. It is what it is. I go out there and put my heart on for Chicago whenever I put that jersey on. When I get back out there, I'll continue to do that."

[Editor's Note: Zach LaVine has drawn 1 charge in his entire NBA career. Bro you're not Kobe Fucking Bryant lol]

On Thursday, LaVine's tune sounded much different than it had the previous month, when he dodged questions about whether he desired to be traded elsewhere after the team's 4-7 start. After multiple reports surfaced in November stating that both LaVine and the Bulls were open to exploring a trade, LaVine expressed his frustration with the team not winning and referred to his agent, Rich Paul, to speak on his behalf regarding trade discussions.

However, while LaVine has missed the past three games, the Bulls have put together their first three-game winning streak of the season. Their offense has produced a season-high 32 assists in two of those three victories, and the team is showing some fight after a disastrous start to the season.

"Whatever may have sparked it -- if it was me off the court and that's a narrative that people want to run with it -- we've won three games, I'm happy for it," LaVine said Thursday. "Hopefully I can get this foot right to get back out there and help my guys. I've been in the locker room every day and out here training trying to get back out there to help everybody out because it's fun when you're winning.

"This last three-game winning streak shows what we were trying to do at training camp."

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