if a ~desperate~ team emerges via injury or what have you, what levers do teams have to pull? like say luka goes down, how does adding salary work?

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Suns on a roll, should be an L.

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How about Caruso & Drummond for

1) Nuggs Watson, Strawther, Nnaji

2) OKC Pokusevski, Mann, Dieng

3) NOLA Herb Jones and a FRP (they have two FRPs in 2024, 2025, and 2027)

4) 76ers Reed, Bamba, Martin, FRP

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I'd be okay with #3 and 4, assuming people who know the advanced metrics aren't going to come in and say Herb Jones actually sucks. Bulls need to replenish all the draft picks they've wasted.

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I didn't want to stay up to watch the game last night, so I watched the "all possessions" version on League Pass this morning. That version always has commentating from the home team, which means I got to hear Phoenix's commentators.

If anyone has League Pass, seriously go back and watch the "all possessions" version sometime today. It's only 37 minutes long. I don't think I've ever heard more unprofessional commentating in my entire life. As a Bulls fan that hasn't lived in Illinois in two decades, I've heard lots of non-Bulls commentators.

I get that local commentators are always homers and root for their team, but these guys were on another level. They quite literally complained the entire game about how the Bulls were constantly fouling their guys and the refs weren't doing anything about it, and they were basically openly calling for the Suns to start playing dirty. Genuinely embarrassing commentators.

With that being said, what an insane game! Can't even be mad that they lost that one. KD absolutely took over and that final shot was incredible. I felt like the Bulls were pretty solid on both ends of the floor. Probably one of their better overall games this season. They were just out-talented (it's a word, trust me).

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Yeah, I went to bed after the first half. Those commentators were super lame.

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