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Rose with the drive

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Butler on both ends of the floor


Featured Fanshot

lob to Jimmy

Good start for the Bulls

Featured Fanshot

Rose to Jimmy

Rose to Jimmy

Featured Fanshot

Rose triple-pump pass to Mirotic

Bulls take lead at half of game two

Featured Fanshot

Pau Gasol Definitely Meant To Do This

This is one of the most interesting assists you'll ever see in this league.

Featured Fanshot

Derrick Rose gets MVP chants

Rose played lights out on Saturday, and got MVP chants for his efforts.

Featured Fanshot

Flagrant or just a hard foul?

Taj Gibson was issued a flagrant 1 for his high elbow on O.J. Mayo. Did they make the right call?

Featured Fanshot

Derrick Rose is back

Derrick's knee is looking awfully spry on this drive to the basket.

Featured Fanshot

Aaron Brooks closes out the 1st with a circus 3

Clutch baby clutch.

Featured Fanshot

Derrick Rose gets the luckiest of bounces

Off the rim, off the top of the backboard, off the rim again and on the backboard. If you listen closely enough you can hear Derrick Rose call it before he takes the shot. (No, you can't. Please don't hurt your ears.)

Featured Fanshot

Pau Gasol saves the Bulls with a putback dunk

The Pistons charged back, but Pau Gasol put them -- and this missed shot -- where they belong.

Featured Fanshot

the Bulls bench does the wave


Watch D-Rose demolish Cleveland

Good times.

Noah sure looked good, and that's huge

Joakim Noah has had a rough season and some recent injuries, so it was a pretty nice sign to see him have such a big game against Golden State.

Noah: Born to Run

Joakim Noah had a historic March, let's celebrate

WATCH: Jay and Ricky talk Bulls, Wade, Rondo

Oh, yeah, and Rajon Rondo is getting introduced today.

Jay and Ricky talk Bulls offseason

What should we expect this offseason?

Jay and Ricky bury the 2015-16 Bulls

Let's talk about the terrible Bulls season.

VIDEO: McDermott puts in 30

Doug McDermott had the best scoring night of his career Friday against Toronto

Rose is scoring at the rim again

In his return from a hamstring injury that sidelined him for the past 3 games, Derrick Rose played a solid game. Rose was 8/17, scoring 16 points on a lot of drives to the rim.

VIDEO: How Jimmy Butler set a Bulls record

Jimmy Butler went to another level on Sunday with 40 second-half points, and the Bulls needing every one of them.

Portis opens eyes (not just his own!) on Saturday

will we see more Bobby Portis in the coming stretch of games?

Ricky and Jason talk Bulls

Bulls are back! Almost! To celebrate, Ricky O'Donnell and Jason Patt preview the coming season on Google Hangout.

Scottie Pippen's amazing Mr. Sub commercial


Doug He Does It

Doug McDermott had his best game so far in Summer League, with 28 points against the SummerRaptors

Bobby Portis highlights

a first look at the Bulls rookie

VIDEO: Noah's triple-double

Joakim Noah is playing like the best center in the league.

Joakim Noah speaks

Joakim Noah broke his media silence to address the Luol Deng trade, how it affected him, and how his team isn't tanking.

Highlights of a huge win

Derrick Rose hit 6 of the Bulls 11 three-pointers in a blowout win over the Pacers.

VIDEO: Rose's game-winner

A storybook ending to Rose's return to the United Center.

There's a new D. Rose commercial

Derrick Rose's latest adidas commercial has a different tone than his previous ads.

Nate live tweets Game 4, we solemnly remember it

Please never forget this game.

Taj posterizes Humphries

Taj does it again.