FULL AUDIO: Marc Eversley introduced as General Manager (by Art)


Because this hasn't been posted on here yet...and honestly...I'm kind of disappointed.

Chicago Bulls 2019-2020 Season Preview Video


Chicago Bulls 2019-2020 Season Preview Video



I don't care what y'all think about him - I can't wait.

Booz News!


Boozer doing an interview with on Undisputed. Favorite part is at 10:00 where he talks about Nate robinson being his favorite teammate

My new favorite song ever


Happy father's day Lebron coz you're Jimmy"s son.

Halfcourt Buzzer Beater By Taj


I just watched my ex have a good time with someone better than me.

Valentine play


If Valentine can crack the rotation, Bulls should run this play at the top of the key for him. With Doug and Niko struggling, might as well let Valentine let it fly.

LeBron's still a douche, in case you've forgotten


tl;dr - Cavs picked up some losses, LeBron complains that his supporting cast isn't good enough (as the defending champ, LOL). Charles Barkley calls him out on it, and LeBron responds by making it personal. Barkley takes the high road in response. And Shaq interjects by actively making my brain cells die. BTW if you think Butler calling out the Bulls roster is bad, LeBron whining about his roster as a defending champ is 100x dumber.