Kendall Gill says that he chose the Nets over the Lakers for $


#TBT Mitch Kupchak and Kurt Rambis were downstairs waiting for me. They had a contract for me to sign worth 5 million over 2 yrs. They had given me the jersey the day before. When I got to the elevator I realized that I had left my cellphone in my hotel room. I went back to the room to get my phone. As I'm leaving back out the door my hotel phone rings. I think it's Mitch. But it's not. It's Lewis Katz owner of the NJ Nets my previous team. He gave me the God Father offer!! He says Kendall we are prepared to offer you 7 million for 1 yr. I laid back on my bed and put a pillow over my face and say to myself WTF!!! I don't agree to anything because I needed to give the Lakers a chance to counter. I really wanted to go play under Phil Jackson because I admired him so much and I was built to play in the Triangle offense. Also to play with 2 legends and win championships was all the more appealing. However business is business. As athletes we have a short time to make as much money as we can. Once the opportunity is there you must jump on it because that type of deal may never come back around. The Lakers tried to make it work with a lot of sign and trade options for the Nets but they didn't like anyone in the deal. Well I made a smart business decision and took the 7. Toughest decision of my career. I often wonder what could have been for me if things had worked out with the Lakers? Tell me this guys. What would you have done??? @NBATV @NBA #illini #illinination #chicagosports #basketball #boxingaddict #themoneyteam #espn #athlete #prosports

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I have to give it to him for his openness and honesty here. Lots of guys wouldn't have said this.

Beyond Limits - The Jimmy Butler Story


Despite his obstacles of growing up as a homeless boy, Jimmy Butler has become not only a great basketball player but a mature man of honesty, love, and integrity. This is a short narration of Jimmy Butler's upbringing and the transition from going from a promising rookie to one of the most competitive and complete All-Stars in the 2014-15 season.

"His story is one of the most remarkable I've seen in all my years of basketball. There were so many times in his life where he was set up to fail. Every time, he overcame just enormous odds. When you talk to him — and he's hesitant to talk about his life — you just have this feeling that this kid has greatness in him." - Anonymous NBA GM

Butler's story via ESPN:

Butler's father abandoned the family when he was an infant. By the time he was 13 years old and living in the Houston suburb of Tomball, his mother kicked him out of the house. As Butler remembered it in a 2011 interview, she told him, "I don't like the look of you. You gotta go." He then bounced between the homes of various friends, staying for a few weeks at a time before moving to another house.

In a summer basketball league before his senior year at Tomball High School, he was noticed by Jordan Leslie, a freshman football and basketball player at the school, who challenged him to a three-point shooting contest. The two immediately became friends, and Butler began staying at Leslie's house. Although his friend's mother and stepfather, who had six other children between them, were reluctant at first, they took him in within a few months. Butler would later say, "They accepted me into their family. And it wasn't because of basketball. She [Michelle Lambert, Leslie's mother] was just very loving. She just did stuff like that. I couldn't believe it."

Video: Hinrich LOLights


Again, to Thibs's credit, he had Hinrich on the court for the bare minimum. Someone has to play backup PG minutes, and it really isn't E'Twaun Moore, though Thibs used Moore and not Kirk for late defensive subs. If Hinrich's so hurt he's doing this, just sign another PG already.

Dunleavy throws touchdown to Mirotic


To be fair, Mirotic was WIIIIDE open.

Derrick Rose, Taj Gibson, Joakim Noah Talk About Friends Lost to Violence

You're Not Alone from Ryan Buckley on Vimeo.

Taj Gibson, Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah talk about friends they've lost to violence in this video produced by Jo. Taj. Man.

Fuck Nene