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Bulls have reconfigured their end-of-roster and two-way spots

at least they’re prospects

NBA: Chicago Bulls-Media Day David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

So I guess I’ve been shown what’s what by the Bulls front office. Their end of the roster, both in regular and two-way spots, have been effectively wasted all season. But perhaps in a nod to how the season’s gone - even Patrick Beverley couldn’t save them - they are starting to put in an effort to find guys for future seasons.

To recap the last few weeks:

  • Tony Bradley was waived to sign Beverley.
  • Goran Dragic begged out before Bulls’ doctors could look at his knee.
  • They signed Terry Taylor (23.45 years old) to one of their two-way spots, waiving Malcolm Hill (27.36)

and then more recently:

  • Converted Carlick Jones from a two-way contract to a full NBA contract. This wasn’t just until the end of the season, the Bulls used their unspent (lol) MLE to add 2 non-guaranteed years at the minimum.
  • Signed Justin Lewis to the vacated two-way spot. Lewis received some hype as one of the better undrafted free agents last summer when the Bulls signed him to a two-way contract then. Unfortunately, shortly after that he suffered a torn ACL when working out and was released from that contract but stayed in our building.

Altogether this isn’t too much, nor likely to discover some diamond in the rough, but at least it’s an attempt. Marko Simonovic is still on the roster for some reason. Dalen Terry can’t crack the rotation. I will have more on this in another post, but it looks like the Bulls do not have an organizational philosophy of developing guys with NBA minutes, instead leaning more into the GLeague, even with guys on full NBA roster spots.

As for how it affects their cap situation this summer: not much. The Bulls are already in a tight spot (and recent news surrounding Javonte Green’s recovery makes his upcoming free agency a dicier situation), but two-way deals don’t affect cap calculations and any cutting of a non-guaranteed player (like Jones or Marko) would be replaced by a cap hold, and the Bulls are almost undoubtedly going to operate as an over-the-cap team this summer.