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Bulls vs. Suns game preview and thread: Uh oh (and no, the Bulls aren’t good against great teams)

a likely L unless the Suns need time to gel

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Phoenix Suns v Charlotte Hornets Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

I can’t believe the proverbial WE are still doing this:

Yes it’s a real goddamned mystery how an average-to-below-average team can win some games and lose others.

If only the Bulls could sustain their good play...they’d be a better team!

I thought that, although Arturas Karnisovas is still saying it, we all agreed that the Bulls good play against better teams was a fluke. I listened to this podcast and the examples included games from way back in October and a win over the shitty-on-the-road Warriors.

Since then, the Bulls have lost the few truly tough matchups, to the Clippers, Grizzlies, and Bucks. They weren’t even that close, though Arturas said otherwise*. Hmm, maybe that light schedule is part of the Bulls vaunted defense since the new year?

*god, this still makes me so mad and disheartened, that the Bulls head decision-maker doesn’t talk for months then when he does he said like ten dumb-as-shit things.

What was the actual last example of the Bulls beating a very good team? Maybe against the Nets on January 4th?

That team featured Kevin Durant, and AK said (see previous *) that his trade out West was the real motivation for him not to sell, because the East got worse. Well, it was just one team in the East that got worse, and AK’s group went 1-1 against the newly-worse Nets anyway. .500 record because they’re average!

Kevin Durant is now on the Suns, who the Bulls host tonight. Their only hope was some schedule luck, where Durant just coming back would maybe sit the front end of a back-to-back. But KD’s playing. I find it curious the odds are merely set at -3.5 for the visitors.

The Suns aren’t very deep post-deadline, and still very early in the process of integrating Durant. They could certainly lose to the worse team. It’s the NBA, it happens and it’s not a ‘conundrum’. The Bulls do THAT all the time, that has been consistent and a well-deserved narrative.

Injury report:

Clean sheet for the Bulls

For the Suns, Landry Shamet is out, and buyout signee Terrence Ross is questionable

Game Time: 7pm Central, NBC Sports Chicago