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Bulls vs. Nets game preview and thread: total disaster of a franchise set to face Brooklyn

the stretch run for 8th place and Karnisovas to complete his evaluation!

Portland Trail Blazers v Chicago Bulls Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

It would be even worse if it wasn’t so predictable.

The Bulls are not a serious franchise with real expectations. They literally do nothing, and then give a press conference that is effectively a giant “fuck off, and don’t bother me” message to the fanbase. From the non-quotes to the body language, Karnisovas just gave off total loser energy and inspired as much confidence in the fanbase as his team has this season.

One of the Paxson-ian lines was that he felt the trade deadline shifted more good players to the other conference, which clears the way for his stand-pat bunch.

That obviously means tonight’s opponent, the Brooklyn Nets. They traded away Kyrie Irving last week, and Kevin Durant last night. Durant was hurt, regardless, but this should be a skeleton crew for the Nets. I don’t think it counts as ‘playing well against good teams’, the joke of a standard Karnisovas used to say his team has improved at all this year.

Injury Report:

Also gone from the Durant trade is TJ Warren. Starters Nic Claxton and Seth Curry will be out with injury.

For the Bulls, everyone is available.

Game Time: 6:30pm central, TNT