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Bulls vs. Spurs game preview and thread: it’s the front office’s job not to be fooled

context for the Bulls’ ‘improved play’

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Chicago Bulls David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The play-in tournament has done its job in dissuading tanking. Even a team that is of average construction and subpar performance, like the 2022-23 Chicago Bulls, is ‘in the hunt’.

It’s one thing for fans, and ‘observers’, to be fooled. But the front office is hired to look beyond surface level stats, plus project into the future, and figure out where their team stands before the trade deadline.

For example, the Bulls have been better defensively of late, but we cannot seriously believe they’re a good unit. They’ve gotten lucky.

They’ll likely continue to be lucky tonight because they’re facing a truly bad team subject to real turd nights. And they’re at home.

But maybe they blow it, they have before.

Because they’re not good. Hopefully AK sees that, and either realizes they need to get better or get worse (and better positioned for next season). If he says ‘well, we had a good stretch in blah blah blah drone on fall asleep...’ he’s not good at his job.

Injury Report

For the Bulls, Alex Caruso remains questionable to play after missing the team’s last game. Patrick Williams remains probable after participating in the last game.

For the Spurs, all of Tre Jones, Romeo Langford, Jeremy Sochan, and Devin Vassell are out. No made up names in that group, all on the official report.

Game Time: 7 pm Central, NBC Sports Chicago