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Bulls waive Goran Dragic

and he was one of our big offseason signings, too!

Chicago Bulls v Indiana Pacers Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

While the signing of Patrick Beverley necessitated an immediate roster subtraction in the form of Tony Bradley, the writing was on the wall for who Beverley was replacing in the rotation in Goran Dragic.

And today it was made official as Dragic was waived by the Bulls. This is before the March 1st deadline so Dragic can still be playoff eligible if he signs with another team.

Dragic hadn’t even been active since the Beverley was signed, listed as having a knee injury. That was dubious given his history of jockeying for playing time, but also plausible because he was old as hell.

Indeed, this is being reported as a ‘mutual decision’, look for Dragic to go to Miami (a team he played many years for) or Dallas (with fellow countryman Luka Doncic).

That Dragic couldn’t have been traded for anything at the trade deadline is something we cannot assume was because there weren’t offers, since AK has not proven he understands the marketplace.

Dragic started out the season, his age-36 campaign, for the Bulls looking surprisingly spry, but then got injured and tired. Happens when I’ve been blogging so many years, too.

He had ‘respected veteran’ cachet coming in, and that was only further bolstered when he was reportedly a part of the big locker room brouhaha in Minneapolis:

As we all know, that leadership saved the Bulls season. they stink still, and apparently had no leaders. And on the court Dragic started out OK and stunk to the point where he didn’t even make it to the end of the season. I thought that was going to happen with AK’s other big free agent addition, Andre Drummond, but it was instead Dragic. Drummond has a player option which makes a difference.

Anyway, I like my respected veterans to not pout their way out of town when not given minutes, but I guess I’m old school. My typing fingers hurt.

As for how the Bulls can soldier on without such a presence, they do have an open roster spot. And can sign someone at the prorated minimum while staying under the tax, THANK GOD.

I would like them to use the spot to get a look at an actual prospect, I don’t think anybody out there would crack this 11th-place rotation nor would it matter much if they did.