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Bulls vs. Nets game preview and open thread: the Pat Bev era begins

I suppose it’s still the evaluation era

Chicago Bulls v Brooklyn Nets
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Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Oh, what a welcome break from the Bulls that was this week.

But I did miss seeing them, especially in this fun-bad 6 game losing streak where it almost seems like they’re trying to tell their boss that they are not as good as he thinks they are.

And it’s fitting that they’ll take on the same team that they were embarrassed against after that already-embarrassing trade deadline, the Brooklyn Nets.

If you recall, AK’s “group” showed great continuity in not being able to shoot, and lost to a team that had just traded away their superstar and another good player.

So what’s changed? For the Nets, they’ll have back Mikal Bridges, Cameron Johnson, Nic Claxton, and Seth Curry

For the Bulls, just one difference: new captain and head coach Patrick Beverley

Undetermined whether Beverley will be starting, which is kind of funny in how sensible it is.

Welcome back, Bulls. I think this is all house money now: either they win a bunch of games and have a thrilling PatBev-surgence, or they keep losing and have, uh, slightly better odds at keeping their first round pick. Or maybe I don’t understand the term ‘house money’.

Injury Report:

For the Bulls, everyone with working knees is back except for Goran Dragic, who is listed as questionable though he was a full participant in practice. Perhaps he sees his time in Chicago over with Beverley taking his role?

For the Nets, 3rd string center Ben Simmons is also questionable

Game Time: 7pm central, NBC Sports Chicago