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hey, the Bulls ARE doing stuff with the end of the roster now

welcome to Two-Way Terry

Chicago Bulls v Indiana Pacers Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

The Bulls, the sleepy mid-market Chicago Bulls led by comatose lead executive ArturWont PressConference have been a veritable hotbed of activity lately!

First was the signing of veteran bought-out point guard Patrick Beverley.

That was reported before it was made official, because the Bulls have a technically-full roster (there is no injured list for Lonzo) and needed to waive somebody to make room for Beverley.

That unlucky designation has gone to: Tony Bradley

Bradley, the backup-to-the-backup-center, had his greatest success as a Bull come when he got the team to give him a player option for the 2nd year of his deal signed in the summer of 2021. He was not good that first year, to the point where signing Andre Drummond was seen as an upgrade. Was he? I suppose so, in rebounding only. Also Drummond was simply bigger and more famous, so broadcast (and digital print) partners could more plausibly tout Drummond as an actual rotation big despite it being dubious on merit.

Meanwhile, Bradley’s backup remains.

Bradley, by virtue of signing a minimum deal, can be claimed by any team with an open roster spot off of waivers. If claimed, Bradley’s 2022-23 cap number would disappear from the Bulls team books (though they paid his salary) and move them further from the Luxury Tax Line for possible (snicker) future additions (ROFL).

I suppose this is one reason Bradley was waived instead of Simonovic: the latter in no way would ever get claimed. Bradley probably won’t either, though he’s still only 25 and could be a fine enough practice-fodder big man.

The Bulls then made more news later on Tuesday as they made a change with one of their two-way roster spots. Out goes Malcolm Hill, and in comes Terry Taylor.

Taylor was waived by the Pacers when they took in a bunch of players at the trade deadline. He’s another can’t-shoot wing, but as a prospect makes more sense than Hill if only because he’s 4 years younger.

Taylor, who signed with the Pacers after going undrafted, was actually in their rotation for a bit last season. His perhaps-best game that year coincidentally(?) came against the Bulls. You can see a lot of other guys on the court and quickly assess how meaningful that was:

Anyway, I have zero hopes for Taylor but at least it’s doing something in an area the Bulls have outright neglected all year. Guys are shaking loose after the deadline and now buyout market, and while it’s fine if they want to stay competitive and go for 10th place, they can simultaneously get a look at some fringe prospect types in the meantime as well.