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Bulls vs Pistons final score: Bulls make French toast out of Detroit in comfortable win in Paris

at least there were many dunks

Chicago Bulls v Detroit Pistons Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

The Bulls had a successful result for their overseas business trip this week, defeating the woeful Detroit Pistons 126-108 in Paris.

I don’t think the Bulls played particularly well, it was more the Pistons were pretty horrific offensively. They went 8/34 (23.5%) from three, and had 15 turnovers to go along with countless bobbles of passes and boffing of layups and tip-ins. You can go through their box score and see a bunch of duds, with French native Killian Hayes standing out as he was trying to do a bit too much and finished a woeful 2/13 from the field and just 4 points.

On the bright side for the fans in attendance, the turnovers were often of the live ball variety and led to highlights from the Bulls:

That dunk was one of 4 huge ones from Derrick Jones, who finished with 12 points off the bench. It was a pretty even effort from the Bulls, with LaVine leading with 30 points (his slump from three continues since the thumb injury, as he went 2/6 from distance) followed by DeRozan with 26 and Vucevic with 16.

The Bulls were also a bit sloppy here, understandable given the conditions. They had 14 turnovers of their own and shot only 30% from three (Vuc went 0/5). But they were lighting it up from midrange and in, as they shot over 62% on two-pointers and unlike the Pistons actually converted when getting the offensive rebounds.

Again, I didn’t think the Bulls were that sharp in this game, and if the Pistons could make more than 1 successful pass in a possession they’d get a dunk. But they couldn’t, because they stink. The game was surprisingly close given the play on the court, but it was never really in doubt. A Coby White three opened up a 17 point lead at the beginning of the 4th quarter and Detroit was never able to get it under double digits. There was even garbage time, rare for this Bulls season, as the GLeaguers (two-way and guaranteed contracts, alike) got a minute of court time in Paris which was nice to see.

Bulls get an extended break again, their next game coming Monday in Chicago versus the Hawks.