Jae Crowder trade idea

Alright, Coby and Javonte for Jae Crowder. Who says no? Phoenix gets an upgrade on Cam Payne and a poor man's version of Crowder in Javonte Green. Also, Coby is close to CP3 if that means anything.

Yes, we'd only have Crowder for one year, but we would have his bird rights. He's also probably exiting (or past) his prime. Thankfully he's never been really dependent on his athleticism, so hopefully he should have a few good years left in him.

What we get is a legit three and D forward who can play 3 or 4. While he's only 6'6", that's still two inches taller than Green who he'd be replacing. I think he'd fit great with our starters or our bench. We are thin on forwards and Crowder has been fairly injury-free throughout his career. Also, he'd give us a good amount of playoff experience, which is something this team is sorely lacking.

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