The Durantula

Although it's very unlikely, I was imaging what we could do to get KD. The best that I could come up with would be to trade Lonzo, Vuc, P-Will, 3 pick swaps and 3 unprotected picks for Durant.

Why we do it: Obviously to compete in the immediate future with a line-up of Caruso, LaVine, DeRozan, Durant, Drummond

Why Brooklyn does it: Vuc is a good player and an expiring. Lonzo and P-Will are young with potential. Plenty of picks for them to claim they got in the trade. It's a decent haul assuming no other teams blow their mind with an offer. Also, they do it because Durant wants it.

Why Durant wants it: It's not jumping ship to a contender. It can be his team and he can be the main guy that gets us to (hopefully) the finals. It's the perfect balance of going to a good situation but not too good of a situation. No one will claim he is ring chasing with us. But if he gets us our first championship since Jordan... well that would look quite good on his resume. It would basically be him trying to re-shape his legacy and doing it here would be way more impactful than going to Toronto, Phoenix, Miami, etc.

Overall, I'm not claiming other teams can't offer a better package, but I do wonder if teams will be willing to offer a better package with all the drama and uncertainty that tends to follow KD. Maybe enough team are spooked by him and also like their current situations where they don't want to blow it all up and risk it for Durant. If the Bulls were able to convince KD and he pushes hard for it, maybe it'd be just enough to get it to happen.

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