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Summer Bulls run off the court in ugly 101-69 loss to Knicks

Bulls played like they had the Vegas flu

2022 NBA Summer League - Chicago Bulls v New York Knicks Photo by Bart YoungNBAE via Getty Images

After a fun comeback victory in overtime over the Mavs to open Summer League, the Summer Bulls ran into a much more talented Knicks squad in Game 2 on Sunday night. The Bulls were run off the court from the opening tip, falling behind 13-0 and not making a field goal for over seven minutes to start the game. We even saw a full hockey-esque line change midway through the first quarter. The deficit reached 39 points in the third quarter before settling on a 101-69 final score.

If there was anything positive, it was rookie Dalen Terry bouncing back from a wretched first half to lead the Bulls with 13 points and three assists while shooting 3-of-7 from the field, 1-of-3 from 3-point land and 6-of-8 from the line. At one point, Terry had zero points and six turnovers (he finished with seven), plus a frustration flagrant foul. But the youngster delivered some bright moments in the third quarter with a 3-pointer and two and-1s. That includes this one in transition:

Terry is being asked to do a lot of ball handling, and it was very much a mixed bag against a pressure Knicks defense. His athleticism pops and he makes some sick passes, but there were a lot of mistakes in this game and he’s certainly not comfortable as a half-court scorer. His jumper looks ugly, and the broadcast even noted multiple times that it needs a lot of work. Hire a shooting coach!

While Terry had some moments, Marko Simonovic had none. After dominating a smaller and less experienced Summer Mavs team, Simonovic had nothing for the Summer Knicks, who start a real NBA center in Jericho Sims. The difference in quality between Simonovic and Sims was stark, with Sims’ athleticism jumping off the screen. The Bulls’ lack of guard play certainly hurt Marko’s chances, but he also couldn’t do anything against Sims the few times he tried and generally struggled to shake loose.

Simonovic finished with one point (0-of-5 shooting and 0-of-3 from 3-point range), seven rebounds, two assists, seven fouls and three turnovers in nearly 21 minutes of action. He was a non-factor on offense and lost on defense. Micah Potter even gave him the business a couple of times. The Marko hype train can slow down a bit after this dud against legitimate NBA talent.

Carlik Jones (13 points) and Henri Drell (11 points) were the only other Bulls besides Terry to score in double figures. Quentin Grimes led the game with 24 points and was clearly the best player on the court, with Sims and Miles McBride also putting forth terrific performances.

The Bulls’ third Summer League game is on Tuesday against the Raptors at 4 p.m. CT.