Has DeMar DeRozan Taken over as the Face of the Franchise?

During the offseason, the Chicago Bulls made moves that transformed the franchise. The most significant signing is DeMar DeRozan. The Bulls signed DeRozan to a three-year, $81.9 million contract (initially reported as $85 million) as part of a sign-and-trade with the San Antonio Spurs. With how DeRozan played in San Antonio and his age of 32, NBA executives laughed, thought it was an atrocious deal and that the Bulls will regret it. Even Bleacher Report had the agreement as to the number one worst signing of the offseason. Well, these views reversed real quick, and it is evident that the Bulls had the best offseason by a mile.

Artūras Karnišovas and Marc Eversley took a Bulls team with little to no hope of becoming a playoff contender to a legitimate championship-caliber squad. Being the face of the Chicago Bulls is massive for such a historic organization. The Bulls have had unbelievable players as the face of their franchise, such as MJ, Rose, Butler, and so many more, but Zach LaVine has been the face for the last few years, and I do not see that changing. Yes, DeRozan is an MVP-level player, dominating the league playing the best basketball of his career, but I do not believe that he will take over as the face of the franchise. LaVine is in his fifth season with the Bulls; he has improved dramatically throughout the years, earning himself the All-star nod last season. LaVine has been the face of the franchise and should continue to be. DeRozan is currently the best player on the Bulls and is well deserved for all the credit he receives. DeRozan is doing something we haven’t seen this dominance since Michael Jordan. Still, all that being said, to become the face of the franchise, DeRozan would need to spend another year or two with the Bulls with continuing to dominate.

Being from Toronto, but growing up as a die-hard Bulls fan, I have seen DeRozan play live many times for the Raptors, and while he spent his early years there, he became the face of the franchise along with his best bud, Kyle Lowry. Again, DeRozan is the best player the Bulls have, and I do not see that changing this year, but if the Bulls sign LaVine to a Supermax, which he deserves, we could see LaVine develop into the second or third best Chicago Bull of all time. I am not saying DeRozan won’t end up as the face of the Bulls, as currently, he is the most exciting signing they may have ever had, but long term, it would be challenging to see him overcome LaVine if he signs a Supermax with the Bulls.

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