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Bulls vs. Timberwolves game preview and Open Thread: this is the squad

should be a high scoring affair tonight

Chicago Bulls v Minnesota Timberwolves Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

I have done a pretty good job of avoiding ‘the discourse’ on Bulls Twitter this year, but I do get irked once in a while based off whatever the hell people are discussing, or more accurately discussion over the discussing.

In the wake of back-to-back losses to very good teams, it was pointed out that the Bulls haven’t performed well against very good teams this year. Somewhat unarguable, except on that hellsite there’s always an argument. This one being that the Bulls can’t be expected to play defense when Ball and Caruso are out, let alone win games, let alone-alone win games against good teams.

I understand the context, sure, but the Bulls soared to the East’s best record in many games where other teams were missing important pieces too. Are those also thrown out as markers due to insufficient evidence? Or just the losses?

But credit to these banged up Bulls for not giving in to that label of hopelessness. They have wins against the Raptors and Hornets recently, and have a similarly mid-level opponent coming into town in the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Earlier today I remarked that the Bulls were one of very few teams that didn’t make a move this deadline, but forgot that the TWolves were also one of those teams. I guess they are just not very relevant even though they are still over .500 and currently 7th in the West, 3 games clear of 8th. That’s ultimately still the play-in zone, and the Wolves just saw their bid for a 6-game win streak snapped with a bad loss to the Kings (all Kings losses are bad).

This is the first meeting between these teams this season, the second coming on the very last day of the season. The Wolves curiously listed a bunch of guys as questionable tonight, and they don’t even have another game on either end of it. Meanwhile the Bulls do have a back-to-back tomorrow, but it’s against the minor league OKC Thunder.

So if the Bulls lose, is it ok because Lonzo and Caruso are out? Or does the win get thrown out of evidence because, oh, D’Angelo Russell may not play?

One upside of no trades being done is that nobody is coming in that’s yet to report or do a physical or whatever. But there’s also nobody coming for the foreseeable future, maybe a buyout dude at best.

Injury Report:

We know who’s out for the Bulls. Ayo Dosunmu was out last game due to concussion symptoms, but has been upgraded to questionable and all indications are that he’ll return tonight.

Questionable for the Wolves tonight: Russell, Anthony Edwards, Patrick Beverley, Josh Okogie, Taurean Prince, Naz Reid.

Game Time: 7pm, NBC Sports Chicago