blowing it up will be uglier, and it’s still the right choice

Considering current talent, fit, age, future picks, the Bulls are a bottom five team, maybe even bottom 3.

And let’s be clear. If they blow up the team, it’ll get worse, maybe for a while, before it gets better. No more nice wins against first place teams. No more beating Miami in Miami. Losses like the Minnesota one will be more commonplace. It might take years to be relevant. But if they don’t sell pieces now, they might slide into a slightly better, but even deeper morass.

The first difficulty will be that the Bulls players except for Caruso, aren’t plug and play players. So although league wide, this might be a sellers market, there won’t be many buyers for Vucevic or DeRozan or LaVine. Go team by team. Of current playoff teams, only the Nets fit for Vucevic. DeRozan and LaVine are much better, but not that easy to fit either.

None of them will return a juicy return like Mitchell. So stripping down will only yield a handful of assets and some flexibility. A better chance to win a spot in the top 4. A chance to give Patrick Williams a huge amount of reps. We likely will be the worst team in the league for the rest of the season and the next one.

Frankly though we might be battling Washington as the worst team in the league in 2025 without any extra future assets anyway.

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