Knives are out now in the Bulls media and national media alike

The last of the optimists have jumped ship. Bulls Talk Podcast pulled no punches last night. There will certainly be moves now, with 2 months more of continued sucking to go before the deadline. Wish we were hosting the All Star Game again this year.

Good rule of thumb is... When Ricky O'Donnell says it's not going to work, you know he's at the front end of it. When the KC Johnson's start dogging on the Bulls, he's usually on the back end, and that's when change is near.

Tony Gill really hit the nail on the head:

"When they signed Vucevic, I hated the trade especially with what they gave up, and for fit. I also hated the DeRozan signing even though it almost worked for a time. So I thought how the Bulls look now, was how they'd look last season, because it's not a good roster construction. It just took them a half season longer to get there"

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