LaVine to TWolves trade idea

I'd recommend against blowing it up.

Honestly, they are at a bad time in terms of draft picks. They'd be putting a lot into the development of Ayo, PaW, and Dalen Terry. If they had some great upcoming draft picks of their own, fine. Without that or any young player who seems destined for greatness, they could try a soft reset here.

Advanced stats have DDR as the best of our three superstars. I don't know if you could get a good enough return for Vooch and with more shooting around, I think he gets more effective, so I'd look to trade Zach first.

My suggestion is LaVine to the Timberwolves for Russell and Kyle Anderson. The Wolves are struggling and are locked into KAT, Gobert, and Edwards. D'Angelo Russel has 1 year left on his contract and would probably be a better fit on the Bulls. Kyle Anderson gives us a stretch 4. Both players shoot well from deep which is where we are lacking.

This gives the Bulls a few months to evaluate things. If things workout better with Anderson and Russell, we can try to resign Russell and Vooch (not sure if we can...bird rights? max salary?), and if not, 50+mil comes off the books.


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