Don't want to blow it up, but is that Lakers idea good enough?

AK has three weeks to decide what's what with this team ... Feb 9 is the trade deadline.
I'd hate to see it blown up, and would be surprised but not shocked.

They seem to have maxxed out. When the entire rotation plays well, they are unbeatable.
But a great team should be able to win, without pushing all the chips to the middle, each night.
That's just too hard to sustain every night, with the brutal NBA schedule, travel, etc.

But I'd sort hate that LA rumor to happen (Westbrook and the LA first pick for various combinations involving Zach, Deebo or Vuc). Yes, that LA offer sounds underwhelming, to say the least.

And I still have faith in AK/ME, based on the past record . . .

But this IS the walk year for Vuc, his 4-year $100 mil contract expiring. At the end of this season, Bulls will have nothing. I don't see them re-signing him on a big contract.

Vuc has never quite been what was hoped, but not sure how much of that is his fault. Probably a lot, but not all. He just doesn't play well with some of the others (or they don't fit with him). He hangs around at the perimeter too much with the Bulls, which is a role that underutilizes his strengths. But with Zach supposedly slashing to the rim and Demar working to his midrange spot, Vuc clogging the middle probably wasn't felt to be a good thing. Mistake.

==> I suspect Vuc gets flipped at the deadline for a lottery pick and a replacement.
Drummond can expand his minutes somewhat to fill in the gap and will actually be a big contributor. Not sure how they fill in the rest of the minutes -- a small does of Tony Bradley, I suppose.

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