Knicks are speculating trades for Zach LaVine

I don't know about the trade linked above. No rim protector. Only 1 unprotected 1st. What about the law firm of Barrett, Rose & Reddish? Then talk unprotected 1st.

Maybe Zach could pull his professional thing together and seek better shots down the stretch?

Is it wrong for a man to want a play to result in a basket? Who cares about getting the credit? Do buckets from Zach count for more than buckets from any other team-mate?
I understand, it was "crunch-time"; who do the Bulls pay to deliver? Who did not? Why?

Maturation is a process just like Osmosis & Photosynthesis are processes. All are about growth. Revolution and evolution are processes as well. But they are about change. I'm willing to wait, but it ain't up to me.

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