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Report: Billy Donovan got a contract extension

who knew?

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Chicago Bulls v Washington Wizards Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images


News broke a quarter of the way through the season that Bulls head coach Billy Donovan signed a contract extension before the season started:

Donovan had two years remaining on his original four-year contract and is now under contract for several more years.

Nothing more specific than that, like how many years guaranteed. Unfortunately the local beat is useless. I also recall that the original Donovan contract was pretty high on the coaching scale, but that may have never been specifically reported either. I guess they finally stopped paying Jim Boylen last year and that money shifts to Donovan as a write off or something.

It is somewhat impressive that the Bulls were able to do this without notice. Or is it? Don’t you want to tout this kind of thing?

Donovan, as a coach, is kind of like the Bulls team: A-OK, nothing special but won’t embarrass you or anything.

I think Donovan’s been hampered by this wack roster construction, especially this season. Would a better coach unlock some new offensive scheme and MOTIVATE Patrick Williams? I guess, but the Bulls don’t have a better coach in hand or even in the bush.