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Bulls vs. Bucks game preview and thread: can Chicago beat another ‘best team in the East’?

different challenge than the Celtics

Milwaukee Bucks v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

All I said about the Bulls distinct advantages over the Celtics and what it meant for their upset win? Throw that out when it comes to tonight’s opponent, the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Bucks are somewhat opposite to Boston. They are huge and led by defense, currently number one in all of basketball behind twin towers Brook Lopez and Giannis. They have even improved their defensive weakness from last year which was allowing opponents to take a lot of threes.

We certainly saw that last year in the playoffs, as the Bulls were ousted in five games where most contests saw the Bulls ‘shooters’ being left wide open.

They didn’t advance to the finals in part due to the injury to Khris Middleton, and though still without Middleton this season started the year 9-0. They’ve since actually dropped some games (one where Giannis didn’t play) and don’t look totally invulnerable or anything, but still extremely good and a bad matchup for the Bulls.

This one is on the road, starting a 5 game trip, though even with their success the Bucks home arena draws a lot of Bulls fans.

Injury Report:

It was somewhat possible Middleton would choose this game as his return (he’s currently in the GLeague) but he remains out.

For the Bulls, Goran Dragic landed on the injury report after suffering a sprained shoulder in the last game, he was probable to start the day but then didn’t participated in shootaround and was downgraded to questionable

Game Time: 7pm, NBC Sports Chicago.