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Bulls vs. Thunder game preview and live open thread: practice session for LaVine’s return?

maybe some injured Bulls return tonight

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Chicago Bulls Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

I’m going to put as much effort in this game preview as the Oklahoma City Thunder’s should-be-relegated-selves put into being competitive this season.

The story for tonight is our Bulls, and the injury status of Zach LaVine. OK, to a lesser extent Javonte Green, but honestly Green is pretty dang important and especially so with all his backups out.

Right now both are listed as questionable. I’m a bit annoyed that the Bulls are even considering this matchup a factor, but perhaps it’s not rushing either guy but getting them in some good practice time.

Also, just last night the rest of the Bulls were just pretty easily handled by the lowly (even lowlier in record, though not my personal standing) Orlando Magic. So they really could use anybody, and getting their best player back is something they shouldn’t try and be cute about.

Injury Report:

Beyond LaVine and Green, Nikola Vucevic is also questionable after banging his knee into the floor last night.

For the Thunder, someone named Vit Krejci is listed as out. And they made up an injury for Derrick Favors as Favors is over 23 and therefore not part of the plans.

Game Time: 7pm, NBC Sports Chicago