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Bulls vs. Pistons game preview and thread: time to get right

dreaded one-game losing streak

Detroit Pistons v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images

The Bulls got away with some iffy performances over the course of their ten-game winning streak, but were not able to get the win in Dallas.

The defense has slipped, to be sure. It has been noticeable and you can’t even say it’s been papered-over by wins, we’re all aware:

So while it’s been awesome to a defying-credulity level that the Bulls are still winning on the backs of their star guards making shots, I don’t think it’s blinding any assessment of the team overall. They’re really good, and winning these games (let alone keeping them close) matters, but there are still flaws to shore up.

And that’s with two marquee matchups coming up this week against the Nets and Warriors. But first is the lowly Detroit Pistons, in a game rescheduled from December and unfortunately making the Nets showdown tomorrow a back-to-back. The Bulls defense will still potentially suffer with no Javonte Green or Alex Caruso...but they’re matching up with the league’s 29th ranked offense so they should be fine.

Injury Report:

As said above, no change for the Bulls. There is speculation that Caruso could be ready to go tomorrow but not tonight. Also, Mac McClung’s 10-day contract expired and Jordan Bell’s did a couple days ago.

For the Pistons, They’ve had long-term absences of Kelly Olynyk and (Bulls trade target?) Jerami Grant. Frank Jackson is out in protocols, and though they traded for Bol Bol this week he is not with the team yet.

Game Time: 7pm central, NBC Sports Chicago