This team is really good but let’s be Great

Trade for PF Jerami Grant. I propose Coby White + Troy Brown Jr + Derrick Jones Jr & both 2022 1st(bulls & Portland)

Why this makes sense for the Bulls, they need a legit PF, he’d be a great 3rd or 4th scorer. Also the Bulls will need a guy who can guard the likes of The Greek Freak and Kevin Durant.

What do y’all think? With DeRozen playing like an MVP, I believe it’s time to go in

Going forward with (all healthy)






Why Pistons do it? They grab a late 1st and possibly lotto pick if the Blazers can turn it around. Coby fits nicely next to Cade and they will have a high pick again and could grab P. Banchero or J. Smith both PF to go with a young Cade - Coby - Bey - Banchero - Stewart. That’s a nice young team to go forward with.

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