Brooks for Coby BR suggestion

I was checking a bulls website today an i read about BR's trade suggestion involving us and the grizzlies. Coby White +TBJ+2 2nd round picks for Dillon Brooks. It felt like a great trade to me, brooks was on fire during the last playoffs and he brings great defense and tenacity along with low usage. He feels like a great fit. This is a bad trade according to the writer (for who, i will let you decide) but whatever, i know people are still high on coby so i should let that pass.

But he obviously felt the need to make more arguments and thats where i was shocked. I mean being high on TBJs potential is one thing and suggesting he has a higher ceiling than a guy who just averaged 26 points + good defense in a playoff series is another.

Honestly at first sight i though this is a horrible trade for the Grizzlies and i see no reason for them to do it but it turns out the projections everybody makes in their heads should also have a trade value.

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