The Arcidiacono era in Chicago is OFFICIALLY OVER

I feel like we all probably have a soft spot in our hearts for the pure hustle / gym rat guys, but I think it's a mark of the Bulls' progress that a. he fell out of the rotation last year and b. he didn't really enter into the team's plans at all. Arcidiacono is a fun player, don't get me wrong. He's a fun player who really doesn't do enough things to make a good team want to give him rotation minutes unless like everyone else is hurt. Defensively he's fine - above average for sure but not anywhere near a Caruso or Lonzo Ball level of perimeter D. Offensively, he's one of those guys who just goes missing for minutes at a time: he can't create his own shot, period, he doesn't have the court vision to make up for that in any way, and while he can hit the 3 a. the Bulls already have a whole host of guys who do that and b. frankly, being able to hit open shots from range is not a unique skill among guards, to say the least.

I wish him well in Boston although to be perfectly honest I don't think he has a secured spot on their 15 man roster.

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