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Paul Millsap chooses Nets over Bulls

not much left out there

NBA: Playoffs-Denver Nuggets at Phoenix Suns Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Well, crud. After being in the hunt for free agent forward Paul Millsap, the Bulls lost out to the Brooklyn Nets.

Per Shams, the Bulls were considered alongside the Warriors and Clippers. Hey, even being considered is an improvement! But clearly the Nets are a ring-chasing destination that the Bulls are far away from matching this offseason.

Millsap would’ve been a great fit. The other remaining FAs not so much. Looking at John Hollinger’s list, two forwards remain in James Ennis (unrestricted) and Jared Vanderbilt (restricted).

I understand if you are dubious of Hollinger’s metric , and I am willing to pile on after seeing that Denzel Valentine and Ryan Arcidiacono are also in his top five. If the Bulls sour a great offseason by lazily bringing back those two duds...

What would be even worse is if they don’t use a roster spot. KC Johnson keeps pushing this possibility, though I am not clear if he’s reporting AKME is considering it, or if this is just Reinsdorf trauma informing speculation. The latter would be understandable, especially because it makes no competitive sense. Yes, the Bulls hold a Traded Player Exception that’s good all year and could acquire a player...but that doesn’t preclude you from using the spot now too. If there’s a trade down the line, you can release the 15th man.

FWIW, third-tier rumormonger Mike Scotto of HoopsHype mentioned Ennis as receiving interest from the Bulls.