Olympics Final Open Thread, Allez les Blues!!!!!!

What a win for France! Just as they were about to choke away victory, Nic Batum comes flying to the rescue, stuffing a last second layup attempt by some Slovenian guy. So congrats to France for, at minimum, a silver medal. Allez!


Italy/France ------------------------| FRANCE


Slovenia/Germany----------------| SLOVENIA


Spain/USA -------------------------| USA


Australia/Argentina---------------| AUSTRALIA


We all wanted it. A decadent, individualist American team to get beaten by some selfless, scrappy underdogs. And for a minute, it looked like we were going to get it.

But that team of individuals has coalesced. They have found their starting five. They have their rotation. They have their identity. Merde!

I do not see the French repeating their earlier success against the US. The only true path to winning is Gobert in the post, Fournier and Do Colo on dribble penetration, get KD in foul trouble, pound the boards. But the American defense has consolidated and this path has become even more of a long shot.

Betting Lines:

USA / France: 1.13 / 6.75

Slovenia / Australia: 1.78 / 2.05

Right now, I see nothing worth betting. I am taking my money and running. I support France but fully anticipate American victory. As much as I enjoy seeing Kevin Durant lose, I see a lot of winning coming his way this year, starting tonight.

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