We deserve better than Joe Cowley

I don’t follow Cowley on Twitter, so I don’t know if he’s often like this...but he appears to have gone even more out of his mind than he appears in his articles.

Just go take a look at his tweets over the past few days and be amazed.

He’s saying that if the Bulls are the sixth seed, they should let LaVine walk in the offseason. But if they’re a fourth or fifth seed, they should pay him.

This is, of course, absurd logic. And fans have been calling him out for it. And instead of just ignoring the fans and acting like a professional journalist, Cowley has been arguing with fans about his LaVine opinions since Saturday. As of the writing of this post, it’s Monday morning and Cowley is STILL arguing with fans about this.

He’s also taking unnecessary, petty shots at Stacey King...which is just weird and shameful.

The whole thing is just embarrassing. We barely have any journalists covering this team for major outlets...but Cowley is one of the few we’re stuck with??? We deserve better than this guy who’s a remarkable combination of someone who doesn’t like their job and someone who takes themselves way too seriously.

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