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2021-22 Chicago Bulls schedule is out

they play 82 games

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Detroit Pistons Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Bulls schedule is BACK

Let’s see got your 41 home games and 41 road games.

There are some national TV games but not many. There is one of them on TNT Thursday....but not a #TNTBulls game as they’re on the road. It’s always possible that with the Bulls surging up the Eastern Conference standings in the final couple months that they get flexed into more national dates.

Also of note in the initial reactions I’ve seen is how tough the schedule looks after the first handful of games. Starting October 30th when they host the Jazz, it’s @Boston, @Philadelphia, Sixers again, Nets, Mavericks, then a west coast trip going at Golden State, back-to-back L.A. teams, then at Portland concluding at Denver.

So that’s bad, but, ya know, gotta play who is on the schedule. It always looks going into the season that many teams - specifically the East - has improved...and then much of them suck worse than we thought (a lot of times due to injury). The Bulls certainly have an infusion of talent heading into next season, but we’ve yet to see it on the court.