‘22 Chicago Bulls Most Likely, Most Dangerous, Best Case Scenarios

Most Likely Scenario

Our most likely scenario isn’t a lot of fun, but it is definitely an upgrade. It’s the couch you could afford, but not the one you really wanted!

  1. Bulls win 46-48 Games
  2. LaVine becomes a top 15 player
  3. Ball averages 8+ assists
  4. DeRozan replicates last year’s numbers
  5. Pat Williams leads the team in rebounding
  6. Vooch plays the 20-10 role
  7. Coby’s game plateaus
  8. We win the games we should most nights
  9. We split the games we should
  10. Lauri stays on the QO
Most Dangerous Scenario: This is the Eddie Robinson Bulls. The Brent Barry Bulls. The Reggie Theus Bulls. The Nikola Miritic Bulls
  1. Bulls don’t make the playoffs
  2. Lots of injuries
  3. LaVine regresses
  4. Ball isn’t a glue guy
  5. DeRozan loses a step and a half
  6. Pat Williams doesn’t know his role
  7. Vooch loses a step and a half
  8. We get nothing for Lauri
  9. We often lose games we shouldn’t
  10. LaVine leaves
Best Case Scenario
This is the 1-2 seasons away Bulls. The Ben Gordon ROY Bulls. The Taj on DWade Bulls. The Noah on the Celtics Bulls. The 88-89 Bulls
  1. We win 50 games
  2. We host a playoff series and make it out of the 1st round.
  3. LaVine becomes a top 10 player
  4. Ball gets all star consideration
  5. DeRozan plays 2020 Chris Paul
  6. Pat Williams becomes a more athletic Draymond Green
  7. Vooch plays his role to perfection like Sacramento Vlade Divac
  8. The Bench Mob Returns with a vengeance: Huge games from Coby and Caruso! Defensive Toughness and scoring punch from Coby
  9. We trade Lauri to Dallas for Max and a 1st
  10. LaVine extends next summer

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