How the Chicago Bulls FREE AGENT signings will help them

This free agency has been interesting to say the least, with the likes of Lebron assembling the 35 and over squad, Kyle Lowry signing a 90 million contract with the Heat (is he worth it??), Dennis confident he will get paid in the open market leading to him signing on the minimum (theres a joke somewhere in there), is just some of the stories that dominated the headlines this offseason. But hey, I know you don't care about those small meaningless moves, you care about the obvious winners of free agency that made the biggest moves in free agency in the Chicago Bulls and i'm here to tell you how these moves fit for us.

Lonzo Ball

If you watched the Bulls last season which I know you did then you know how important it was for us to find a point guard not just any point guard, but the right one who fits what we are trying to do and his name is Lonzo Ball. Lonzo Ball last season averaged 14.6 pts, 4.8 reb and 5.7 ast with the Pelicans, now something that pops out to me is how low his assists were last season and u can easily attribute that to the pelicans play style and having Lonzo playing off guard with Eric Bledsoe cause yes thats always a smart decision. However if your'e Lonzo your not dwelling in the past your looking at the future with this Chicago Bulls team and is very excited that you are going to have the ball in your hand most of the time to make plays in transition and will be able to spot up most of time because of 3 dynamic scorers you have in this offense. And I mean come on your really happy looking at your bank account the next few years.

Demar Derozan

A lot of people in the Media are crucifying the bulls for this move aka Chris Bouchard, and Stephen A smith because of the terrible fit they think Demar is next to Zach Lavine, I mean so far to this point I have heard it all especially people criticizing Demars defense, and I'm here to tell those people a lot of their concerns are valid with Demar, but allow me to enlighten you on my theories on why I'm not to concerned. For one I think because of how good and dynamic this offense is going to be I really do think now Demar doesn't have to expand a lot of energy and focus getting his shot, and playmaking all the time as we seen with the spurs who didn't have a Zach Lavine or Vucevic, hell not even a playmaker like Lonzo. So now if you are Demar this should in turn make your life easier and engage you more on defense a bit. Also having a coach in Billy Donovan who plays to his players strengths and builds a system around them helps as well, so trust Donovan to put Demar in the right positions. Now enough bad juju for once, the positive this move does for us is pretty simple it gives us a third option on offense and which we desperately needed, I would of been scared going into next season relying on 19 yr old Patrick Williams to be that for us he simply isn't there.

Alex Caruso

For this signing I have one simple phrase POINT OF ATTACK DEFENSE i'm pretty sure was on AKME bucket list for the offseason. And don't ask me how bad was it really I mean my god it was NATROCIOUS, Coby white and Satoransky couldn't hold a parked car in front of them if it saved their life, insert Alex Caruso who was very good at point of attack last season with the Lakers and is going to do the same with the Bulls, Coby White should be hoping for joy with this signing as Caruso should cover for him on defense. BIlly could always get crazy in crucial games and insert Caruso to cover up Zach sometimes too if he wanted to, and not to mention Caruso adds three point shooting in which we needed and is super athletic and energetic.

Tony Bradley

Good depth big behind Vucevic who can shot block, thats really all I have on him great value though.

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