Offseason Plan


-Trade Aminu and Sato with the '22 2nds and maybe another later 2nd to...

Minnesota for Jarrett Culver and Hernangomez.

This move gives you a lottery ticket on the wing in Culver and nice backup PF to a starting Thad. It also saves $7.6 mil on the cap.

- Release Archi.

Free Agency

- Sign and trade Lauri to San Antonio for Lonny Walker. I figure he signs for around $15-18 mil/year, that means it saves the team $3-5 mil on the cap.

- Sign Lonzo with the space created.

- Split up the MLE to sign Javale McGee and Marko

- Resign Temple

21-22 Lineup

PG Ball Coby Ayo Dotson

SG Zach Walker Ayo

SF Paw Culver Temple

PF Thad Hernangomez

C Vuc McGee Marko

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