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2021 Bulls Mock draft round-up: Lots of potential options for Chicago in the second round

Let’s take a look at what the mock drafts think Chicago will take at No. 38

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As we are mere days until the NBA Draft, a lot of mock drafts are finishing up their final versions of predictions of what is going to happen on Thursday. With the Chicago Bulls not having their own first round pick, having given it to Orlando in the Nikola Vucevic trade, they won’t be a part of the first chunk of the nights festivities. That is, barring a trade of course. But Chicago does at least have their second round pick at number 38 overall. They swapped second rounders with the New Orleans Pelicans thanks to the Nikola Mirotic trade all the way back in 2018.

Even without a first rounder, Chicago can use their second round pick to potentially find a solid role player or someone who can be a spark off the bench. If they get lucky, they can even find a diamond in the rough. There are a ton of options for Chicago in terms of which position/player archetype they can select. They could take a wing player to help give them depth a position they are currently short in. Or they can take a guard to help give them more help at the point in terms of ball handling and play-making.

Here are some of the names some of the NBA’s mock drafters think will join Marko Simonovic as the next second round pick of the Arturas Karnisovas era.

Chicago Bulls 2021 NBA Mock Draft Round Up

Mock Drafter Selection
Mock Drafter Selection
Jeremy Woo (Sports Illustrated) Jason Preston
Krysten Peek (Yahoo Sports) Isaiah Todd
Jonathan Givony (ESPN) Kessler Edwards
Jonathan Wasserman (Bleacher Report) Joel Ayayi
Zach Harper (The Athletic) Charles Bassey

Here are the links to the full mock drafts themselves:

The Athletic, Sports Illustrated, Yahoo Sports, ESPN, Bleacher Report

As you can see above, there is no one consensus on who people think Chicago is going to take. All six people think Chicago is going to take someone different. There is also a range of positions/areas that they believe the Bulls will draft for. Givony has Chicago taking a wing in Kessler Edwards while Harper and Peek have them selecting big men (Charles Bassey and Isaiah Todd). Edwards was a top scorer at Pepperdine. He offers good shooting (49.1 percent from the field and 37.8 percent from three) and rebounding as well. Edwards also made a huge leap in free throw shooting as well, going from 75 to 87.6 percent in just one season, which could bode well for his shooting. Bassey could be a traditional big man backup for Vucevic, which is a position Chicago needs to fill with Daniel Theis and Cristiano Felicio likely departing in free agency. Todd is an intriguing prospect as instead of college, he opted to spend his lone season with the G-League Ignite. Our friends at Grizzly Bear Blues had a good breakdown of him as a prospect.

Wasserman and Woo had the Bulls taking guards in Jason Preston and Joel Ayayi, each of whom offer their own variety of skillsets. Preston was a scorer at the University of Ohio, averaging 15.7 points on 51.4 percent field goal shooting in the 2020-21 season. He also knows how to find open teammates as well as he averaged 7.3 assist that season as well. Ayayi is also a big guard 6’5 (Preston is 6’4) and can offer not only shooting (38.9 percent from deep last season) but also rebounding as well (6.9 boards per game).

So in summary, there are a lot of routes the Bulls could take with the 38th pick. Chicago has a lot of openings in their roster that can be filled with this pick. Whether it’s a guy they want to draft to develop or even an older prospect who can contribute right away, the possibilities are endless. As shown by the table above, there are a wide range of prospects who Chicago can take at 38. Given where their pick is, they even have the chance to nab a prospect with a first round grade that may have fallen in the draft come Thursday. It’s likely the Bulls name will only be called late that night but still, they will have a chance to add to their roster with this pick. Now it’s just a matter of who.