Top Priorities [as I believe AKME sees it]

Keep Zach Lavine!

Make sure you add players that he respects
Make sure you make the playoffs and can compete for a championship.

Compete for a championship while you have two All Stars in their prime.

This means we will need to add defensive minded two way players.
Bring in a proven, confident, and aggressive PG who can run an offense.
- eliminated from conversation is; Ball, Graham, Murray, and Brunson

We cannot afford to give a Max contract to bring in a PG.

It must be a reasonable contract.
We still need to fill in the roster with players who can contribute.
eliminated from conversation is; Lowry, Schroeder, Conley, Paul.

Please do not bring in any ‘projects,’ Siminovic is enough.
We do not need anyone who can grow with Lavine. Who, "fits his timeline."
We need someone who can help him win, and win now. [i.e. Paul and Holiday]

PG’s we can trade for:
Westbrook, Wall, Rozier, Simmons, Smart
The team would have to want; Lauri, Thad, Sato, and Coby.

If the trading team does not want those players, then they must be released to clear Cap space (except for Coby). Westbrook and Smart seem most likely from this list.

If a trade is not possible, then we must add an Unrestricted FA.
Options: D. Rose, Cam Payne, McConnell, Teague, R. Jackson, Dinwiddie, and Schroeder.

Keep Lavine happy, compete for a Championship, and do not spend all of the remaining Cap on one PG.

Based on what I believe AKME is considering, Dinwiddie and D. Rose are our two best options. Followed by Reggie Jackson, Cam Payne, and M. Smart

Let me know if you have another priority that I may have missed

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