Philadelphia/Cleveland Trade

I've read a lot of absurd trade proposals so I decided to come up with my own wacky, crazy trade proposal. Philadelphia sends Ben Simmons to Cleveland for Kevin Love (salary matching purpose), Darius Garland, and Cleveland's first round picks for 2021 (#3) and 2023.

Why Philadelphia would do it: While not nearly as good as Simmons, Garland is a much better fit in Philly than Simmons. Love if he ever gets healthy would be great next to Embiid or could be used in a future trade. The two (or more if necessary) first rounders would offset the difference between Simmons and Garland as well as compensate for having to take on Love's contract.

Why Cleveland would do it: The Cavs would get a huge upgrade at PG and allow Sexton to be a pure SG. Simmons would be able to cover for Sexton's lack of defense. Not to mention that they would get rid of Love's albatross of a contract.

Why Philadelphia wouldn't do it: Love? Seriously? No way they trade Simmons for Love without getting multiple all-star level players in return.

Why Cleveland wouldn't do it: Maybe they value their draft picks too much to trade them.

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