What do the Bulls need, and what are their best options?

I am assuming that the Bulls have no shot at the biggest FAs like CP3, KD, and KL. With that said, I would love to see what folks are thinking in terms of realistic team needs in terms of FA.

1. IMO, their number 1 need is PG.That is pretty consistent among fans and pundits.

- Derrick Rose: I would love to see the Bulls go after Derrick. He is only 32. He could come on a reasonable contract without losing other players. He could have a similar impact on the Bulls that CP3 had on the Suns. He also would be a great copilot for Zach, because he can control the tempo of the game and he is team first guy.

- Kyle Lowry: I would rather have Kyle than Lonzo. I believe the Bulls need a steadying influence at the PG and Coby needs a good role model. Lowry is also a very tenacious competitor. Zach and Vooch are moderately passive in their mentalities.

- Colin Sexton: is a much better player statistically than Lonzo, but he might be an empty calorie player. I still think he would be the best between Murray and Lonzo, but the cost is probably taking on Love's contract. The Cavs will likely draft Jalen Suggs to play next to Garland and that makes Sexton expendable.

- Sign and Trade for D. Murray: Could we convince the Spurs to trade Lauri for Murray?

- Sign and Trade for Lonzo: Could we convince the Pelicans to trade us Ball for Lauri or some of our vets like TYoung or Sato?

- THT: I would love to see us add THT in the offseason, but not to start over Coby. I think he has a lot of upside and he is a grinder.

- Trade with Philly for Ben Simmons: This is a long shot, but he is on the market. I don't think Philly takes anything less than an all star in return, but I would rather have Simmons than Vooch. Maybe than can come up with a three team deal involving Vooch in some way.

2. We need a SF/ PF. I don't think Simonvich is the answer as of yet. I would rather see Pwill at the 4 than the 3.

- Doug Mcdemott: I know this sounds crazy, but in a game of Scoring, Doug averaged 20 ppg per 36 minutes. He is a good rebounder for his size, and if he shot 6-8 3Pt's/ game he would be dangerous. He is a great team first guy, and I truly believe you can't leave him on penetration. When you think about the open looks PWill passed on, Doug would not and he would make teams pay mightily for cheating. His defense is a major liability, but I mostly don't care about that if he can make the other team work on the offensive end and play good team defense.

- Alec Burks: Alec Burks was not as impactful as a scorer per 36 minutes, but he was a better ball handler than Doug and he shot above 40% from 3. He is a great defender and is relatively tough minded. Burks gets hurt a lot, but he played really well for the Knicks last year and would be a great 3/D guy for the Bulls whether he started of came off the bench.

- Kelly Oubre: Oubre is probably not a great option for the Bulls, but he does rebound well for his position and he is long. Oubre has been very inconsistent with his 3 pt shot, but he is only 25. He has a lot of upside, but he needs to find more consistency if he wants to find a home. I think he would be a great fit next to PWill, but he would have to come at a reasonable price point.

- Justise Winslow: He basically has not played for two seasons. He is very similar to PWill in terms of flexibility, but he would need to stay healthy. I would be open to the Bulls taking a flyer on him if the price is right. He has all the tools, but he needs to stay healthy to realize his potential.

- Montrezl Harrell: I don't see Harrell opting out of his contract, but he would be a great option next to Vooch. He is tough and gritty and he plays with a high motor. If there is anything the Bulls need more of it's assholes.

Who are some other FA's you think the Bulls should target?

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