3 Way Trade with NOLA and Cleveland

Chicago Receives; Jarrett Allen (Sign and Trade $20-$25 mil), Lonzo Ball (Sign and Trade *$20mil), Pick 10

NOLA receives; Nikola Vucevic, 2021 Bulls Second Rd Pick 38th

Cleveland receives; Lauri Markannen (Sign and Trade *$20mil), Nickeil Alexander Walker and Coby White

NOLA is looking to get veteran leadership, and Vucevic provides shooting and passing next to Zion

Cleveland is going to draft Mobley, leaves Allen odd man out. Markkanen could revive his career their, plus they pick up two young guards.

Chicago gets the 10th pick (Jalen Johnson, Franz Wagner) a defensive center in Allen and a point guard in Lonzo.

Alternatively if Cleveland would prefer pick 10 over Coby White to get the deal done, would be happy either way.

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