Crazy 6 team Trade

Bulls, Portland, NY, Boston, Charlotte and Detroit.

Detroit Trades Jerami Grant

Knicks Trade- Mitch Robinson, Quickley, and RJ Barrett and 20th 2021 Pick

Portland Does Sign and Trade with Collins for Sign and Trade with Lauri and Jones

Bulls S&T Lauri, Al Farouq and White and 2022 First

Boston Jalen Brown, Thompson and Nesmith

Charlotte- Devonte Graham, and Malik Monk in Sign and Trade

Portland gets RJ Barrett and Lauri

Knicks get Thompson, Devonte Graham, and White

Charlotte gets Brown

Boston Gets Jerami Grant, Monk, White and Bulls 2022 First

Bulls get Quickley and Collins

Detroit Gets Al-Farouq, Mitchell Robinson, Nesmith, Jones, and NY 2021

Portland Gets a 4-5 who can spread floor and a scorer off bench in Barrett

Knicks gets tougher and a true rebounder in Thompson, A scoring Point in Graham, and s needed shooter in White

Charlotte gets an All Star in Brown

Boston loses a scoring 2 but gets Monk and picks up a 4 who can score and defend 3-4 plus Bulls 2022 1st

Bulls get tougher in Collins and get a legit Point Guard who has quickness to change game for two big time scorers

Detroit losses someone who can defend 3-4 and pick up 2 others, get a underrated young scorer in Nesmith, a rim protector in Robinson, and Knicks 20th pick.

Every team improves.

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