Free Agents that could change the team

If we could convince Lowry to take a 1 or two year deal at $20 mil, He would change the whole team.

Another guy I like to create a sorta Big 3 is DeRozan who ia owed 27 mill on his last year contract so we may be able to sign and trade with Lauri since SA has an interest in him and may finally know how to utilize his talent.

We still need a point that can get in the paint when he wants or just know how to play. - affordable options are two of my favorite points in McConnel and Ish Smith. The are some nice options not getting enough playing time are in Napier, Ferrell and Frank Jackson- BUt we already have an underplayed Dobson for them.

One who can't get paid who I really think is truly underrated is Caruso- would love to steal him from Lakers

Others in wish list but may be too costly- Conley, Ball, and Reggie Jackson,

At Center although I love Theis, we sign Boban and Howard as effective backup rim protectors with Olynyk as spacer if we cannot sign Lauri or use in Sign and Trade.

We re-sign Temple and go after Batun or Craig on one year deal if they can't get the big long term money.

I would love to see Lowry, Lavine, Brown, Williams, and Vuc

A bench of Sats, White, Batum, Young, and Olynyk.

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