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Bulls NBA Draft lottery thread: odds, scenarios, start time

the 2nd fallout from the Vuc trade is tonight

NBA: NBA Draft Lottery Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Draft Lottery is tonight on ESPN at 7:30pm central, as somehow they wring out 30 minutes of programming for an unveiling of a reverse-order of teams.

The top-4 drawings are especially important this year for the Bulls, as leaping out of their current draft position is the only way they are keeping their pick. If not, it goes to the Orlando Magic as part of the trade for Nikola Vucevic.

The Bulls have a 20.3% chance of getting in that top-4. If they do, it is a huge lucky break for the front office and makes the Vuc trade look a whole lot better. A top-4 selection would open up another avenue of team improvement, whether that is keeping a 19 year old or including the pick in a trade package (they can do this after the selection is made and not violate the Stepien Rule).

The Bulls will be represented at the event by GM Marc Eversley.

If the basketball gods were real, they’d shine on the Bulls for making a win-now trade and not blatantly tanking the final two weeks when they didn’t ‘win now’.