Lottery Good Vibes Thread - In Memory of the (i'm assuming late) Great Ozzie Montanna

It's 2008. The Bulls have one of their most embarrassing seasons. The team had quit on Skiles, were coached by another Boylan who was just as much inept. Deng and Ben Gordon are vying for contracts and Bulls Management seemed to heavily indicate only one would be worthy of what they wanted. D'antoni verbally agreed to a deal with the Bulls, let the media declare it to be true only to then renege the offer and sign with the Knicks. The Bulls were the laughingstock of the league.

I remember seeing this random post by Ozzie Montana.

Official thread of good feelings for tomorrow night

It was crazy - but we all chipped into the pipe dream. Maybe we'd move up a spot or 2. Good vibes - we needed them.

1.7% chance. No one in chicago over the age of 15 can forget that stat. It was just a 1.7% chance to get the first pick. And the Bulls did, and with that chance they brought in Chicago's own - the eventual youngest MVP ever of the NBA.

Sure - the story didn't end well for Chicago, but no fan would ever take back the time with Rose. No fan would take back that 1.7% chance. No Blogabull member of that time would take back those good vibes - that feeling that maybe..just maybe...we helped it happen.

The Bulls have falled far from grace. Far from the Derrick Rose Bulls and even further from the Dynasty Bulls. We need a miracle...we need - good vibes.

I'm not as esteemed a poster as Ozzie is/was. But I will do my best and implore all of us to send our good vibes once again, what little positive energy remains for this team. The Bulls need to land a top 4 pick to just retain their pick - a tall task nonetheless but we've done the impossible before.

So send em if you got em Blogabullers - let today be the day that we get this ship back on track - if the front office can't do it, maybe - just maybe...our positive energy can. BULLIEVE!!!!

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