Ben Simmons for Zach LaVine?

I think it’s become all too clear that Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid straight up can’t co-exist on a championship caliber 76ers team. So… why not trade Zach LaVine for him? I imagine Philadelphia would also want a draft pick in return but I’d still bite in approximately 5 seconds if I was AKME.

Why it works for Philadelphia: LaVine’s outside game would be much, much more compatible with Embiid than Simmons ever will be. Defensively, too, I think it would be very easy to hide him given the presence of Thybulle. They’d have to go out and find a point guard but said point guard would really only have to be a Rajon Rondo, play some D and pass the ball into the post type guy.

Why it works for Chicago: I’m a big LaVine fan but… this is buy low, sell high time. Ben Simmons might not have much of an outside shot but he’s one of the best defensive guards in the league, is a fantastic passer, and on a team with so many jump shooters as the Bulls have his ability to drive and dish would be on display. I think the tail end of the season showed that absent Zach, Coby White could be a good 2 guard and having Simmons on the team means he’d never, ever have to play the 1 ever again. And since Vucevic plays all over the court, he’s not going to be incompatible with Simmons the whole Embiid is.

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