Would you take Kemba as a salary dump?

The bulls have no draft picks to trade (unless they hit the lottery) and their only real young assets are PWill and Coby. With that it mind, the bulls likely don't have the ammunition to pursue a major star (beal, lillard, etc.). So, would you be willing to take on Kemba's huge contract for the next two years if you didn't have to give any assets. This would likely look like Kemba for Sato, Aminu, Lauri sign and trade. This would give the bulls a two year window to be "competitive" (4 seed?) without having to give up assets. In two years Kemba and Vooch will be off the books and the bulls can reload with a hopefully re-signed Zach and PWill (maybe coby) as the core. In this scenario I would keep thad around to help with the aforementioned "competitiveness".

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